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DriveWhip is coming to

San Francisco!

Be among the first to hit the road in San Francisco

Sign up now and secure your spot to be one of the pioneers cruising through the vibrant streets of San Francisco when Whip launches on the first week of October.

Program Benefits

  • Electric or Gas Vehicle Provided
  • Insurance Included
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Tesla Certified Free Maintenance
  • Drive for Any Platform
  • Instant & Express Pay Eligible

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently Renting for Rideshare
  • Approved to drive for Uber or Lyft
drivewhip is on the streets of san francisco - drive whip

Why Whip?

Whip is committed to providing affordable access to rideshare vehicles. Our comprehensive service gives our members the freedom, flexibility and opportunity to earn more paying less.

Switch and Save

Switch over from Avis or Hertz and maximize your earnings when you drive for all platforms!

San Fran Vehicles

Electric Powered:

tesla model y - drive whip

Tesla Model Y

$550/ Week

tesla model 3 - drive whip

Tesla Model 3

$399 / Week

toyota bz4x - drive whip

Toyota BZ4x

$439 / Week + Free Charging

Gas Powered:

toyota camry - drive whip

Toyota Camry

$350 / Week

toyota camry - drive whip

Toyota Corolla

$325 / Week