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Whip Vehicle Accident Report

Accident FAQ

How long will it take to handle my accident?

It depends on how complicated the accident is, how severe the damages or injuries are, and how willing other involved parties are to cooperate. Your Whip representative always works toward a prompt resolution; we’ll be with you every step of the way – no matter how long it takes. If the accident team closes your file and additional damage or injuries are identified, we’ll reopen the file and determine if your policy provides coverage for the additional expense.

My vehicle is not driveable, what should I do?

If your vehicle is not driveable, please call or text the accident line to request a tow.  After filing a report, your accident representative will request a replacement vehicle to use while for vehicle is repaired. 

I was responsible for damage to another party, Now what?

We will reach out to the other party to investigate their damages sustained.  Taking pictures of their damage will mitigate the total value of your claim.  Afterwards, a claim file will be filed using your primary liability coverage.

The other driver left the scene without exchanging information, what should I do?

Do not leave the scene without exchanging information!  If the other party leaves the scene, or refuses to provide information  Call the police and report that the driver is not cooperating.  Leaving the scene of an accident without exchanging information is considered a “hit and run” accident.  The police will provide a report and attempt to locate the other driver.