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Whip is committed to providing affordable access to electric rideshare vehicles. Our comprehensive service gives our members the freedom, flexibility and opportunity to earn more paying less.

All Inclusive Package includes:

  • Vehicle Provided
  • Insurance Included
  • Mentorship Advantages
  • Full Maintenance
  • Unlimited Miles
  • No Commitments
  • Drive for any platform
Drivers Typically Earn


*Ask your mentor how

Existing RideShare Customers

Be Your Own Boss

Be the independent worker you have always wanted to be. Experience managing your own work experience. Feel the freedom.

Create Your Schedule

Experience what its like to decide when you start and finish your work day. Be in control of how much you make a week. Work on your own terms.

Make More Money

Upon signup, a personal rideshare mentor will be assigned to you with the goal of optimizing your weekly income. On average, drivers make up to 20% more in our program.

How it Works

1. Quick & Easy Sign-Up

Get a pre-approved rideshare vehicle TODAY and start making money tomorrow. Sign up now by clicking the button below!

2. Orientation

Once assigned a vehicle, we will offer you in-house training from our staff of rideshare experts. They teach you everything you need to know before you get on the road.

3. Get a Car & Drive

You’re all set! Now its time to get in your vehicle and start making money


It takes drivers months to learn the ins and outs of ridesharing. This results in lost money they could have made. Not with us.

Upon signup, you will be assigned a rideshare expert to teach you how, when and where to drive in order to maximize your weekly income. Also, you will discover all the applications you can use to help you while ridesharing. Did you know that you could write off your vehicle payments, mileage, data and food to taxes? Learn much more when you sign up today!


One-on-one development

This is not a dealership, this is a ridesharing program. After you drive off our lot with a vehicle, our goal is to help you succeed!

We find drivers always asking the question, “why did I not make the money I wanted to last night?” We provide unique and direct attention to each driver to help them find the answer. Upon request, your experienced mentor will review your statements and diagnose where you went wrong. On average, this helps our drivers make up to 20% more on the road. Schedule a meeting anytime!

Personalized Schedule

Now that you are your own boss, you can allocate your time to the people or tasks you couldn’t have before.

At Whip, we understand that everyone has priorities. Your mentor will help you review your weekly commitments and personalize a schedule for you while maximizing your weekly income. Whether you are driving full-time or part-time that week, we make sure that you still make the money that you want and deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do you do?

Whip has been involved with the rideshare community since the beginning of its expansion into the DC region. Excited by the lucrative income potential of the industry yet discouraged by the many barriers to entry, Whip has devised specific solutions to allow increased access for everyone. Recognizing the unique needs of the rideshare driver, Drive Whip has tailored a package to help people get on the road and start generating income today.

From getting a vehicle to insurance, to maintenance, and everything in between, Whip expertly manages every aspect of car ownership, saving you time and money! Our no commitment “All Inclusive” leasing package allows our drivers to create predictability in their income by bundling their car insurance, and mechanic payments into one fixed weekly amount. So instead of being caught off guard by a budget buster mechanic shop bill, they can cruise around town picking up fares and making cash.

Most importantly, Whip provides members with the knowledge and expertise to optimize their earnings when they are out navigating the roads. Every industry has it’s “do’s and don’ts,” the right way, and the not so right way. Often, it takes months and sometimes years of frustration and missed income to learn valuable ridesharing lessons. Through our mentorship sessions and coaching program, we drastically lessen the time required to gain the expertise necessary to reap the full earning potential of ridesharing.

How do I sign up?

Please fill out our 2-minute application followed by the Insurance Questionnaire on the homepage and a member of the team will contact you within 72 hours or email us at Please note that all documents requested must be received in order for your application to be processed. What do you need? We’ll ask you for a screenshot of your Driver’s License, Proof of Address dated within the last 60 days (Utility Bill or Bank Statements), and Proof of Rideshare (Lyft Driver Dashboard, Driver Info, and Driver History or Uber Driver Profile showing ride count.


How long does it take to get my car?

You can get into your new vehicle within 72 hours if you have been approved to drive by Uber or Lyft and have submitted your application with all the requested documentation. Please note that this timetable is based on availability.  If you have not passed a background check, it could take anywhere from 7-21 business days. Uber will run your background check without a car to ensure that you are approved to drive on their platform before you make the investment of purchasing or leasing a vehicle. With Lyft you will need to submit the vehicle’s info. We recommend going through Uber background first. You can check the status of your update here


What is a Mentor?

Each driver will be assigned an experienced Mentor who they can contact questions they have while they are in the ridesharing business. Your mentor will guide you and provide you with the tips and tricks to be successful. He will advise you on the busiest times and areas to work in and how to make the most money.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm and closed on weekends. THe best way to contact us is via email at

How do I sign up for Uber/Lyft?

If you need assistance signing up for these services, our team can assist you in the beginning stages. They will each require separate background checks. Typically, it takes about one week for the entire approval process to take place before you can start driving for Uber / Lyft. Get started by visiting their respective sites below:

 - drive whip .       - drive whip

Please reach out to us before beginning your application so we can help you unlock your sign up bonus, which is only available when you sign up or just use our referral codes.


Are these cars Uber/Lyft approved?

All vehicles are Uber / Lyft approved and state inspected.  All vehicles will have the necessary documents needed to go online within your perspective platforms.

Do I have to be 25 or older to rent?

Yes. If you’re under 25, you’re not eligible for membership, and may not drive vehicles leased through WHIP.

What is the difference between renting from WHIP and Lyft (Express Drive)?

When renting from Lyft’s Express Drive Program, you are only able to complete trips for Lyft.   This policy significantly reduces the amount of income that you can earn on a weekly basis because you cannot drive for any other platform Sound limiting? It is. When leasing from Whip, you can drive for Uber, Lyft, Via, DoorDash, Postmates, and Grubhub just to name a few and double your earning potential. We also don’t have ride requirements so if you rather spend Sunday morning with family, then that’s your prerogative. Most drivers are making a weekly average of $1,200 – $1,500. 

There’s only so much money you can make with a sedan or small SUV. Are you looking to upgrade to an XL vehicle and earn more? Well, at Whip, once you’re a member, upgrades are simple; just ask your Mentor for details.

While renting a Whip, you can qualify for Lyft’s great reward programs that non-renters qualify for including the Ride Challenge. This program will provide you with a bonus for completing a certain number of rides within a specified period. Also, you can cash out daily through Express Pay once you have earned $5, which is a feature unavailable to drivers that rent through Express Drive. Lyft also offers hourly guarantees that incentivize you being on the road during high peak times which you also qualify for while using a Whip. Your Whip also qualifies you for all UberX bonuses as well as Instant Pay. Most drivers use their bonuses to pay for the rental and the rest of their earnings are untouched. Are we sounding like a better option yet?

Personal Contact: To us, you are a valued member. We are always here for you via email and phone. We know all our driver on a first name basis.
Accident Downtime: When your involved in an accident while driving a Lyft vehicle you are instantly deactivated from the platform and can not continue to earn money until the investigation is completed. Even worse, you would have to wait for your vehicle to be repaired from the body shop before you can drive again sometimes taking over 30 days. You are still responsible for payments while the car is getting repaired, even though you are not generating any income. Because of this, most people decide to leave Lyft’s program as it becomes cost prohibitive. At WHIP, we put you in a new car the same day so you can get out on the road with no down time. We also offer Accident Forgiveness so that one accident doesn’t end your ridesharing aspirations.

Service: WHIP will never charge you for miles no matter how they were accumulated. With that in mind, we service all our vehicles in-house meaning that we touch every single car that we own. We service our vehicles every 55 days as opposed to 28 days like the other guys, greatly reducing your travel time to our office. When the vehicle needs servicing, we get you in and out quickly and if the problem needs greater attention, we’ll put you in a loaner so that you can keep earning.

Vehicle & Lease Terms.

Can I choose my vehicle?

Unfortunately, while we do consider your preferences, the vehicle is assigned by our inventory manager. We do not allow drivers to choose specific vehicles

Can I upgrade my vehicle?

One of the best parts of renting from Whip is that you can upgrade your vehicle after six weeks. After you have driven your first vehicle for six weeks, you may be eligible for an upgrade. Upgrades are available if you do not have a balance and have been on time with your payments. Please see your Mentor.

Can I use my car for personal use?

YES! It is your car, and you can use it for your personal life 24/7. Unlike other companies, we do not charge for the miles you drive for personal use.

Can I drive for Uber or Lyft or both?

Absolutely! You can drive for any ridesharing service available. More services, more sources of income! There is no conflict of interest. Lyft and Uber vehicle solution program require you to drive for the platform you are renting from, therefore limiting your income.

Who covers maintenance costs?

We are proud to offer the first and only full-coverage maintenance and repair plan in ridesharing history. We cover all maintenance costs including the expensive parts of your vehicle like tires, brake pads, and rotors. Lyft only include regular maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations.

Can I have my vehicle repaired at another shop?

No, unless it is an emergency (Ex. Tire puncture, Battery replacement) In order to qualify for reimbursement of the cost of your repair, you will need permission prior to proceeding with the repair.  We take meticulous care of all our vehicles.  We use only the best parts and ASE/OEM approved repair procedures.  We can not guarantee another shop has the same high standards that we do, therefor having your vehicle repaired at another shop is strictly prohibited.

Does my WHIP car have a mileage limitation?

Our vehicles have no mileage restrictions! Limiting your mileage is limiting your income!

Who pays for tolls/parking/violations/citations?

As a qualified driver, you are responsible for toll charges, parking, and violations. WHIP will receive the infraction and immediately notify you. Failure to pay parking fines can result in immediate revocation of your lease agreement. You can make your payments through the Customer Portal by visiting


What happens if I get into an accident?

Stay calm and call 911, then please contact us immediately. We have a claims department that will handle the entire insurance process; from getting you into a rental car to handling your collision repair. Do not make any statements or admit guilt to any insurance companies. Allow us to make all communications as we have your best interest in mind. 

Take pictures of everything, including tag numbers, insurance cards, driver’s license, intersection, accident scene. This will help in mitigating expenses and correctly identifying the at-fault person.

Please call us at our Accident Hotline, which is 855-861-9875. Secondly, please fill out an accident report form by clicking on this link.


Is there a long-term commitment?

There is no long-term commitment with your contract. You can return your car whenever you would like, just please schedule an appointment for drop off with your mentor at least 24 hours in advance. No Fees, No Questions asked!

How do I return my car?

To cancel your membership, all you must do is call your mentor to set up a time to drop off your vehicles. You’ll have to clear your balance and provide us with 48 hour’s notice prior to drop-off.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee applied when canceling your lease.

Can I buy the car I’m driving?

WHIP does not have this option.  We feel car ownership is fading like antennas on T.Vs

Can I share a car with someone?

No you cannot, You are the only person authorized to drive the vehicle for any purpose.


What about insurance?

Liability insurance may be obtained through us, or if you have a preferred provider, you can simply add the vehicle onto that policy as long as you have a rideshare endorsement.



How do I submit my payment?

All payments are processed through the Customer Portal, which will allow you to make payments and view past invoices. Your mentor will setup your Customer Portal account upon signup.  All you need to have is your credit/debit card information or your ACH account info to setup an account.

Please note that your first week’s payment is due before you pick up your vehicle. We only accept credit/debit. Your second payment is due seven days after your initial pickup date and all ongoing payments will fall on this day. For example, if you picked up on Tuesday, your next payment will be on Tuesday and so will your ongoing charges. Please make all payments through the Customer Portal by visiting:

Please note that your email address must match the one we have on file.

How do I add or update my default credit card and bank account?

To update your debit/credit card, please login to the Customer Portal and click on My Payment Methods. To access the customer portal click here, please note that your email address must match the one we have on file

Will my card be charged after I update my debit/credit card information?

After you make your first payment, your card will be automatically charged every week on the same day as your initial pickup (i.e. If your first payment is Thursday, we will charge your card every Thursday). Updating your debit/credit card will not change the day you get charged every week unless directed otherwise by you.


Where can I find services I can work for?

Contact your mentor, and they will help you choose the best ridesharing services that work for your schedule.

What exactly is my employment status?

For WHIP, you are the Lessee, and we are the Lessor. You are/will be a subcontractor of the ridesharing company that you drive for (i.e. Uber or Lyft).

For Lyft or Uber, Rideshare drivers are independent, subcontractors and receive 1099 tax forms, making the driver responsible for filing as such.
When driving with a rideshare, you are considered a 1099 contractor, and subsequently, you will receive all of your earnings with no taxes held.

When and how do I get paid?

The ridesharing company in which you subcontract for pays you. WHIP is not responsible for your payment plan set up with these companies.

Lyft and Uber pay drivers every Wednesday, by direct deposit. Both companies also offer same day payment programs, to be outlined by Mentor.

Do you have a referral bonus program for drivers?

Yes, Whip does have referral bonuses for drivers. To qualify, the driver you are referring must stay with us for a minimum of 4 weeks. Upon the 4th week, you’ll qualify for a bonus. Please note that a new driver must provide your first and last name at the time of signup for you to qualify for the referral bonus.