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Here at Whip, our goal is to keep our rideshare and carshare drivers safe.

In an effort to reduce and flatten the curve and spread of the Coronavirus, Whip closed its offices to all non-essential appointments and required over half of the staff to work from home. We also steam cleaned every vehicle in the fleet to ensure that we can reduce any further transmission of the virus.

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We have been working closely with our drivers across the DMV area to provide financial assistance through the myriad of programs that the government has provided ranging from Unemployment Insurance to SBA loans and grants.

For the first time ever, rideshare drivers and gig workers have been approved to file for unemployment benefits. Keeping our drivers informed of these programs has resulted in keeping bills paid. We also hope to provide access to reliable transportation with our carshare service during this challenging time. To assist drivers anyway we can, we want to outline some of the precautions Whip is taking to ensure driver safety:

The spread of the novel CoronaVirus has disrupted our lives. From trying to overcome the stay at home quarantine, to the economic impact on jobs across the world, we are all looking forward to the end of this virus.


Our team will work to keep you updated with information regarding our services.