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As we continue to embark on a new normal, gig and rideshare drivers have had to pivot their entire operations while not being paid in the interim. Drivers that were once easily making $700 – $1200 per week, have lost close to 90% of their earnings.

The one thing that drives every rideshare or gig worker is Independence. The ability to work at your own pace without being micromanaged is priceless however when the market changes and business shifts, we must be able to shift along with it. Traditionally, full time rideshare drivers started their workday at 5-6 am anticipating a surge of airport ride requests, but with the nationwide stay-at-home order matched with the added fear of picking up a potentially infected person, airport waiting lots that were once full, look like ghost towns. 

In the wake of more people staying home, delivery apps such as Instacart, UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates, and Grubhub are now experiencing a 300% surge in requests as a result. These delivery platforms are seeing their two to four year expected growth rates happening in the last two to four weeks.  With that in mind, we are urging every rideshare/gig worker to apply for at least two gig platforms to maximize their earnings.

 We wanted to share some tips and tricks from delivery veterans at how to find success for the newbie or novice InstaCart Shopper. 

 Shopper Tips

  • Don’t worry about the due time. Just make sure that you get everything right and quickly!
  • Small cars are much better for deliveries b/c you can park easier.
  • It’s okay to not accept all orders!
  • Tips are not included in your Instant Transfer, Tips are deposited every Monday with any other funds that you haven’t cashed out.
  • Beware of the “Bait and Switch” Tip where a customer will request an order with a big tip. Customers have up to 3 days to include/change the tip. Go for the guaranteed payments!
  • Bring snacks, low blood sugar will make you hangry!
  • Come prepared! Make sure that you have your bags with you at the time of pickups. Investing in an insulated bag is the way to go! Ikea bags can hold a lot of items too!
  • Don’t buy the Instacart cooler bags, they’re not very efficient for multiple orders.
  • To grab multiple orders at once easily, buy a bag that can fold out and attach to the shopping cart. Walmart sells the “Kole Imports 2x grab bag” that you can put in the middle of the cart and unfold to process multiple orders at once.
  • Invest in a collapsible cart or dolly for bigger orders, especially when going into the city.
  • The app drains your battery so make sure to bring a backup power pack.
  • Be kind to the store employees, they can spot a Shopper a mile away.
  • Park close to the grocery cart return.
  • When you start shopping, get acquainted with your list first!
  • When selecting produce, try to find the freshest looking item. Nobody wants to eat slimey veggies!
  • Check expiration dates on packaged lettuce to not deliver expired items.
  • Pay attention to what is out of stock. Check the UPC Code to verify the  correct product is out of stock. Manufacturers change labels all the time so make sure that you double check your app and pick the correct item.
  • . When you can’t find the exact item, replace quickly, take a picture of the replaced item and hit “Force Marked as Found.” Don’t overthink it.
  • Scan your list to avoid backtracking in the store! Speed, Speed, Speed! Look for multiple products at the same time. Typically you’ll find coffee and coffee mate in the same aisle so get acquainted with your list.


  • Scan barcodes and run payment first
  • Bag your groceries yourself, make sure you’re careful to not break eggs!
  • Don’t forget that Instacart always times you so the faster you can get an order completed, the more orders they’ll send you!
  • App Tips

Delivery Tips

  • Always carry dimes and nickels for parking in the city.
  • Don’t speed! Speed camera tickets will blow you earnings!
  • Deliver cold items last on the porch to avoid unnecessary time in the heat.
  • Be careful with eggs so make sure that you bag your items carefully!
  • If the customer’s not home, don’t wait. Customer Service will tell you to wait 10 minutes, Don’t wait! Drop the bags off, take a picture, and send it to the customer just in case.
  • Keep wipes for your phone and interior of your car! Wipe your phone, interior of your car, and switch gloves after every order!


Let us know if we missed one and we’ll gladly update. If you’re already approved for Instacart or any other gig delivery platform, sign up today and drive off tomorrow!


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